#HonorRasmea Twitter Storm Resources

Tweet and post on Facebook and other social media platforms Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017, from 11 AM to 2 PM Central Time, using the #HonorRasmea hashtag!

Promo Tweets:

Join the #HonorRasmea social media campaign Wed, Aug 2nd, from 11am – 2 PM CST! Resources here: bit.ly/HonorRasmea

Tweet and post on FB Wed, Aug 2nd, to promote #HonorRasmea farewell event with #AngelaDavis & @RebelDiaz: bit.ly/HonorRasmea

Sample Tweets:

Join us on Sat Aug 12th @ 7pm to honor Palestinian ICON #RasmeaOdeh w/ @RebelDiaz & keynote speaker #AngelaDavis Bit.ly/Rasmea1

Rasmea’s work in the Arab Women’s Committee impacted 1000s & will continue to for generations to come. #HonorRasmea Bit.ly/Rasmea1

“I see Rasmea’s case as a continuation of decades of suppression of activists in U.S.” – #AngelaDavis #HonorRasmea Bit.ly/Rasmea1

Rasmea took a plea bc no way for Palestinians to get a fair trial in the U.S. http://justice4rasmea.org/news/2017/03/23/rasmea-accepts-plea-deal/ #HonorRasmea bit.ly/Rasmea1

“There is justice somewhere in this world. We will find & create it together.” – #RasmeaOdeh #HonorRasmea Aug 12 Bit.ly/Rasmea1

Once in a lifetime event. Come and see two feminist icons #AngelaDavis & #RasmeaOdeh Aug 12 @ 7pm. Bit.ly/Rasmea1 #HonorRasmea

Angela Davis called for an end to “witch hunt” against #Palestinians http://detne.ws/1EfDB4U #HonorRasmea Buy tiks: bit.ly/Rasmea1

Rasmea is Victim of Institutional Oppression, From @Israel to the US #HonorRasmea http://bit.ly/1HzAQOx buy tiks: bit.ly/Rasmea1

#RasmeaOdeh should be honored, not deported. Help us #HonorRasmea w/ keynote speaker #AngelaDavis on Aug 12 @ 7pm. Bit.ly/Rasmea1

#RasmeaOdeh dedicated 23yrs of her life serving Arab & other women of color in the U.S. #HonorRasmea Aug 12 @ 7pm. Bit.ly/Rasmea1

VIDEO bit.ly/1meYgfb: “In 1948 when the zionists occupied #Palestine, we lost everything.” #HonorRasmea bit.ly/Rasmea1

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Angela Davis and Rasmea Odeh at INCITE!

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