Become part of this crucial work. Get involved. Join the U.S. Palestinian Community Network.

Your membership dues will support the growth and expansion of USPCN activities nationally, and through local chapters. It will expand USPCN’s capacity to help organize the Palestinian community in the U.S., as part of the broader Palestinian body politic, in the shatat and in the homeland.

Membership with full voting rights is open to all Palestinians and Arabs who support USPCN’s guiding principles (below).  We welcome the non-voting member/supporter contributions of solidarity activists as well. USPCN’s guiding principles are:

  • Self-determination and equality for the Palestinian people.
  • The right of all Palestinian refugees, and their descendants, to return to their original homes and lands in historical Palestine.
  • Ending Zionist occupation and colonization of all Palestinian and Arab lands.

Annual membership dues are $25.00 per person.

Once you are a member:

you are encouraged to participate in the USPCN chapter near you – we will be in touch with details;

you are encouraged to contribute to the Facebook page and organize in your city and region and recruit members to participate in all USPCN national campaigns;

you have the full right to nominate and / or run for Coordinating Committee member representing your chapter;

you will receive a welcoming letter from the USPCN making sure we have your accurate name and contact information;

you will be added to our general list for ongoing updates of USPCN’s action plans nationally and in your region.


Please select your membership, and pay dues via PayPal, to become a USPCN member! After you submit your membership form via Paypal, you will become a member of USPCN. Thank you for your support and involvement! If you experience any difficulties, please contact us at

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USPCN Membership:
Membership with full voting rights is open to all Palestinians and Arabs who support USPCN’s guiding principles. We welcome the non-member / supporting contributions of solidarity activists as well. Membership is $25.00 annually.