Pledge to Defend Civil and Human Rights

Human Rights Activism is Not a Crime. Twenty-three (23) human rights activists in the U.S., including 7 Palestinians, are currently under subpoena to appear before a Grand Jury in Chicago, […]

Human Rights Activism is Not a Crime.

Twenty-three (23) human rights activists in the U.S., including 7 Palestinians, are currently under subpoena to appear before a Grand Jury in Chicago, headed and controlled by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. The Grand Jury is a secret and closed interrogation conducted without media presence, judge supervision or the right to an attorney. The basis of the investigation is the activists’ work to educate and organize for human rights in Palestine and Colombia, as well as protestingU.S.wars around the world.

All 23 of the targeted activists have invoked their Fifth Amendment right and have chosen not to testify before the Grand Jury. The U.S. Attorney may now force these activists to testify or go to prison. Whether some are indicted or others are jailed for refusing to testify, the threat to our constitutional rights, including freedom of speech and assembly, is very real.

PLEDGE: (Download a copy of the Pledge to distribute and collect signatures)

In solidarity with the 23, we will defend our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and assembly. We will stand up to any escalation of the attacks on human rights activists.

We will join in the National Day of Protest when any of the 23 human rights activists are ordered to appear in front of the Chicago Grand Jury or indicted.

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Download the Pledge: PDF DOC

Initial Signers of the Pledge

    1. A.B. Kovats
    2. Abdessalam Diab, Giza,Egypt, eg
    3. Abo Ahmed, Gaza, Palestine
    4. Akira Asada, Takarazuka, Japan
    5. Alberto Martínez, Valencia, Spain
    6. Alessandro Beltrami, Terracina (Latina), Italy
    7. Alfred Stangelmayer, Camberwell, Victoria, Australia
    8. Altaf Hussain, Tustin, CA, USA
    9. Amber Garlan, St. Paul, MN
    10. Amin Odeh, Seattle, WA, US
    11. Ana Bazac, Romania
    12. Ana Cleja, Fumel, France
    13. Anita Couvrette, Gibsons, BC
    14. Antonella Martini, busseto, ITALY
    15. Audrey Bomse, Esq., Haddonfield, USA
    16. Barbara Aswad, Claremont CA, USA
    17. Bay Area Women in Black
    18. Ben Leeman, Blackburn Victoria, Australia
    19. Benjamin Wade, Saratoga, United States
    20. Bernice Youtz, Tacoma, WA, USA
    21. Bertha Kriegler, Schenectady, NY, USA
    22. Beth Brenneman
    23. Bill McGrath, Northfield, MN,
    24. Brandon Barnard, Frederick, MD, USA
    25. Bret Polish
    26. Bruce Gowdy, Oakland, Ca, USA
    27. Bruce Morgan, Riverside, United States
    28. Burnis Tuck, Fresno, US
    29. Carol F. Yost, New York, NY, USA
    30. Carol Lang, Bx, NY, USA
    31. Carol Marsh, Brooklyn,
    32. Cathleen Krahe, US
    33. Celie Horne, Toms River, United States
    34. Charles Awad, Brandon, MS, USA
    35. Charlotte Karem Albrecht, Minneapolis, United States
    36. Charlotte Kates, Vancouver, Canada
    37. Charlton Price, Seattle, WA, USA
    38. Chris and Mary Fogarty
    39. Chris Kaihatsu, Chicago, United States
    40. Chris Teague, CARDIFF, United Kingdom
    41. Chris Weaver, CA, United States
    42. Christine Clark, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
    43. Craig Berman, New York, United States
    44. Cy L. Swartz, Philadelphia, United States
    45. Cynthia Stonall
    46. Dahlia Wasfi, M.D.
    47. Dan Halpern
    48. Daniel Kleinman
    49. Dave Lindblom, Mount Pleasant, United States
    50. David Allerton
    51. David Faubion
    52. David H Williams, Liverpool, United Kingdom
    53. David Kreiss-Tomkins, Sitka, United States
    54. Den Mark Wichar, Vancouver WA, USA
    55. Denise Lytle, Fords, United States
    56. Dennis Brasky
    57. Dennis Kortheuer, Ca, United States
    58. Dennis Ledden
    59. Derek Wharton, Wirral, United Kingdom
    60. Diana NeslenUnited Kingdom
    61. Dino Feldman, ashkelon, israel
    62. Dogan Ozkan, USA
    63. Don Pearce, Cape Town, South africa
    64. Dorli Rainey, Seattle, WA, USA
    65. Douglas Baty, Dixon, MT, USA
    66. Dr. F Taylor, Hilton Head SC, USA
    67. Dr. med. Helmut Käss, Braunschweig, Germany
    68. Dr. Omar Al Ghawi, D- 44388 Dortmund, Germany
    69. Dr. Tanweer Mahmoodullah, Dubai, UAE
    70. Dr. William L. Dienst, Omak, WA, USA
    71. Edward Badeen
    72. Edwin E. Daniel, Vero Beach/ Florida, USA
    73. Edwina Smith
    74. Edwina White
    75. Eileen Fleming for US House Representatives, Florida, USA
    76. Elizabeth E. Cuprak, ME, United States
    77. Elizabeth K. Guthrie, Webster, United States
    78. Elizabeth Wright
    79. Ellen Cantarow, Medford, United States
    80. Ellen Graubart
    81. Ellen Murphy, Bellingham WA, United States
    82. Ellen Rohlfs, Leer, Germany
    83. Ellen Wasfi, Dover, USA
    84. Em. Prof. Dr. Herman De Ley, Nevele, Belgium
    85. Ephrosine Daniggelis
    86. Eric Jethro, Leeds, United Kingdom
    87. Eve Loftus, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
    88. Florence Steichen, St. paul, MN, USA
    89. Frank Arraiza, USA
    90. Garrett Wright, Brookyn, NY
    91. George and Barbara Rofkar
    92. Gloria Bletter, NY, United States
    93. Gordon Murray, Vancouver, Canada
    94. Grazia Bittner, Batavia IL, USA
    95. Gregory McCain, IA, United States
    96. Gregory Mouat, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    97. Guy Vollemaere, GIJZEGEM-AALST, BELGIUM
    98. Guy Zahller, Aptos, USA
    99. Haitham Salawdeh
    100. Hamid J. Bonyadi, Tabriz, Iran
    101. Hatem Abudayyeh, Chicago, IL,
    102. Heike Schotten, Cambridge, MA, USA
    103. Helen Mendoza, Waterville, USA
    104. Henry Forester, Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia
    105. Hoda Mitwally, NJ, USA
    106. Ian Marsh
    107. Ilkka Karlsten, Oslo, Norway
    108. J. Glenn & Barbara Evans, Seattle, United States
    109. J.W. VanLeenhoff, Leiden, NL
    110. Jac Guzda, Bronx, NY, USA
    111. Jack Dresser
    112. Jan Grevstad, Geneva, GE, Switzerland
    113. Janet Hudgins, BC, Canada
    114. Janet M. Powers
    115. Jay Murphy, Aberdeen, UK
    116. Jean Pauline and Tom Brown
    117. Jean-Jacques Dunki, CH-4059 Basel, Switzerland
    118. Jean-Luc Mercier, Huntington, NY, USA
    119. Jenny Heinz, NY, United States
    120. Jerilyn Tabor, NYC, USA
    121. Jesse N Bachrach, CA, United States
    122. Jessica Cresseveur
    123. Jim Martin, Springville, AL, USA
    124. Jim Yarbrough, California
    125. Joan McCoy, Saginaw, USA
    126. Joan Pinkham
    127. John Duddy, Calgary. Alberta, Canada
    128. John H. Frazier, Brooklyn NY, USA
    129. John K. Moriarty, Winston-Salem, NC, USA
    130. John Kennedy, Abington, MA, USA
    131. John Nettleton
    132. John Snowdon, Gateshead, United Kingdom
    133. John Surdyk, Lyons, IL, USA
    134. Jonathan Mitchell
    135. Joseph A. Mustich & Ken Cornet, Washington Green, CT, USA
    136. Joseph W. Harris, Lincoln, NE, United States
    137. Judith Ackerman, NYC, NY, USA
    138. Judy Nunuebel, CA, United States
    139. June Rugh, Seattle, WA, US
    140. Kathleen Russell, Spokane WA, USA
    141. Kazue Tanaka, Chiba, Japan
    142. Kenneth Ring, CA, United States
    143. Kenneth Trauger, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    144. Kerry Fina, Lincoln, United States
    145. Kimberlie Catone
    146. Kinte Grant, Decatur GA, Dekalb
    147. Kit Kittredge, Quilcene Washington, USA
    148. L. Susan Griffiths, Beaverton, United States
    149. Lamis Kayali-Sakr
    150. Laura Haykel
    151. Lawrence Davidson, West Chester PA, USA
    152. Leslie Angeline, San Francisco, CA, United States
    153. Linda Jansen, Seattle, WA, WA
    154. Linda Papaforti, MA, United States
    155. Lisa Kosowski
    156. Lonnie Lopez, Seattle, USA
    157. Louis Hirsch, Chicago,
    158. M. K. Brussel, IL, United States
    159. Madeleine Swords, Edinburgh, Scotland
    160. Maggi Carter, Beaumont, TX, US
    161. Mallika Henry
    162. Mannie De Saxe, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    163. Manuel Erickson, BC, Canada
    164. Marcia Bernstein, Brooklyn, NY, USA
    165. Marco Rosaire Rossi, Chicago, IL
    166. Marcus Christian Hansen, Alstead, USA
    167. Marie-Claire Couturiaux, Mons, Belgique
    168. Marijus Paskauskas, USA
    169. Marilyn Hacker, New York, NY, USA
    170. Mark Swinton
    171. Marsha Steinberg, CA, United States
    172. Martha Larsen, Lansing, MI, United States
    173. Martin Deppe, Chicago, IL, U.S.A.
    174. Mary Beaulieu, antioch, TN, usa
    175. Mary Lou Finley, San Diego, CA, USA
    176. Mary Williams
    177. Matthew Michael, WA, US
    178. Megan Shaughnessy-Mogill, Oakland, United States
    179. Merrill A. Carter, Denver, United States
    180. Meryem Ay
    181. Michael Letwin, Former President, Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys/UAW Local 2325; New York City Labor Against the War; Labor for Palestine, Brooklyn, NY, USA
    182. Michael O’Neill, Tacoma, WA., USA
    183. Miguel Merlo
    184. Mizuko Yakuwa, Tokyo, Japan
    185. Mohamed Hussein, Vancouver, Canada
    186. Mohammad Khalil
    187. Mohammad Mashal, Chicago IL, USA
    188. Molly Glasgow, Minneapolis MN, USA
    189. N. Dumser
    190. Nabil Shaban, United Kingdom
    191. Nan Withington
    192. Nancy Gathing, Madison, United States of America
    193. Nancy Lee Farrell
    194. Nancy Matthews, Sedona, USA
    195. Nancy Withington
    196. Naomi G. Harrison, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    197. Nicole Gevirtz, Voorhees, NJ, United States
    198. Noemi Colombo, Italia
    199. Norbert Mueller, Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany
    200. Norine Gutekanst
    201. Obiora Embry, Lexington, KY, United States
    202. Oscar Revilla Alguacil, Madrid
    203. Pamela Nordhof, Hamilton, MI, USA
    204. Pat Carmeli, Cazenovia, USA
    205. Patricia Panitz, Centerville, USA
    206. Patsy Lowe, Palm Springs, United States
    207. Paul Cunningham, So Portland Maine, United States
    208. Paul Davis, Toronto ON, Canada
    209. Paul Larudee, El Cerrito, CA, USA
    210. paul stein, brookings, sd, usa
    211. Pete Klosterman, San Mateo, CA, USA
    212. Peter Gunther
    213. Peter Liendeborg, 29434 Sölvesborg, Sweden
    214. Peter von Christierson, Port Townsend, USA
    215. Piotr Godlewski, Warszawa, Poland
    216. Ra’id Khalil
    217. Ramah Kudaimi
    218. Rand Carter, Utica, NY, USA
    219. Ranier C. de Intinis jr., Merchantville, New Jersey, U.S.A.
    220. Rashid Patch, Oakland, CA, U.S.A.
    221. Richard Clark
    222. Robby Martin, Dublin, Ireland
    223. Robert Nemtusak, McHenry, IL, McHenry
    224. Robin Beck, New York, NY, USA
    225. Robin Rae Swanson, Kailua, HI, USA
    226. Rod Jones
    227. Roger Leisner, Augusta, ME, USA
    228. Rogers Turrentine
    229. Ron Strand, Vancouver B.C/, Canada
    230. Ronald Brown, Longmont, USA
    231. Ronald Shirtliff, Toronto, Canada
    232. Russell Bates, Berkeley,California, u.s.a.
    233. Ryan Dunn, Northampton, MA, USA
    234. S. Wolf Britain
    235. Samir Abedrabbo, Flower Mound, TX, USA
    236. Samir Twair, Los Angeles,Ca., USA
    237. Sandra Litchfield Rezvani
    238. Sandy Marks, Woodstock, VT, USA
    239. Sarah Dar
    240. Sarie Bryson, Thousand Oaks, USA
    241. Shae Popovich, CA, United States
    242. Sherna Berger Gluck
    243. Sibyl James
    244. Sid Shniad, Canada
    245. Sinfo Fernández, Madrid, Spain
    246. Sol Metz, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
    247. Kenny Stack
    248. Stefanie Brendler
    249. Stephanie Frizzell, Olympia, WA, USA
    250. Stephanie Trasoff, Blaine, WA, USA
    251. Stephen Craig Gross, San Marcos, U.S.A.
    252. Suhail Shafi, Ozark, USA
    253. Susan F. Williams, Minneapolis MN, US
    254. Susan Martinson, Minneapolis, USA
    255. Susan Stout, Vancouver BC, Canada
    256. Susy McMahan, NE, United States
    257. Suzanne Kawamleh, Valparaiso, United States
    258. Talal Zubi, gentofte, denmark
    259. Terrence Lewis, Gilbert, AZ, USA
    260. Terri Shofner, Portland, Or, US
    261. Teryl Berg, Alberta, Canada
    262. Therese Poliquin, Montreal, Canada
    263. Tia Pearson, wahiawa, hi, usa
    264. Tom Baxter, Tallahassee Florida, USA
    265. Tom Hayes
    266. Valerie White, Corvallis, United States
    267. Vergniol-Orengo Claudine, Mazamet, FRANCE
    268. Vicki Fox
    269. Walter Birdwell
    270. Werner Lange
    271. Will Thomas, Auburn NH, USA
    272. William C Crain, Billings, United States