USPCN Students

Welcome to the USPCN Student Committee!

Here, you can connect with other student organizers and activists; engage in meaningful discussions about organizing strategies and upcoming events; and learn how you can contribute to existing movements, or even create your own. The USPCN Student Committee emerged out of the Second US Palestinian Popular Conference that took place in Chicago, Illinois from October 29-31, 2010. At the conference, student activists and organizers from all over the country participated in the Conference’s inaugural student Palestinian Movement Assembly (PMA). The student PMA culminated in the formation of a USPCN Student Committee, which articulated its purpose and goals for the upcoming year and beyond, in a statement submitted to the USPCN General Assembly on October 31st, 2010. The text of the statement can be found below as well.

Palestinian Students Movement Assembly

A rotating student committee will be created to act as an autonomous liaison between the USPCN coordinating committee and the studentpro-Palestine movement (SJPs) across the United States;

The committee is empowered by the participating students to actualize the following goals:

a. Drafting common principles, values, and points of unity

b. Creating an online forum as a subsection of the existing USPCN website to provide resources and facilitate communication

c. Electing a student representative to the USPCN political advisory committee

d. Electing regional representatives to act as liaisons between pro-Palestine groups and the USPCN student committee

e. Appealing to the USPCN to include the student committee in the general operating budget.